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The Scan Call radio alarm system was developed to be a significant improvement over hard wired systems. The advantages are numerous, but to mention a few; the elimination of wiring simplifies installations with minimum disturbance to clients and decor.

Scan Call is the result of combining modern micro technology with proven radio communication techniques which makes practical the linking of up to 243 different alarms to a master control panel


The System

Scan call is an active system which will respond to individual addressable radio transmitters, call points, alarms, switching devices etc. The unique micro processor will identify the calling device, store and display the identity on the large LCD display. The radio transmission frequency is fully approved for use according to the standards laid down by the D.T.I.


The Master Control Panel

Scan Call has the capacity of handling up to 243 alarm calls. It is powered by a standard 240V AC supply with a sealed lead acid battery for emergency operation. On receipt of an alarm the master control unit gives out a clear audible alarm and at the same time displays the calling transmitter and alarm state on the large LCD display.

Because the master control panel has an integral printer all activity is recorded providing management with a hard copy back up - the system even records power down either accidental or deliberate.

Scan Call has been designed with a integral interface for an alpha numeric pocket pager. Information received by the master control is simply transferred automatically to the pocket pager.



the transmitters are self contained and can be coded individually for identification purposes. Because the coding is achieved by setting a series of switches which are easily accessible transmitter codes can be altered by the client if and when required. Each transmitter is powered by a 9 volt PP3 battery which are cheap and readily available when replacement is required.