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Fire scan has been designed as an alternative to conventional loop systems. Detector devices are a self contained transmitter unit powered by a lithium battery with a typical life of 2 years depending on the head type. The unit has been designed to be compatible with most conventional 24 volt detectors. LED and audible indication are given in both fault and alarm conditions. Break glass devices again contain a transmitter unit powered by either alkaline or lithium battery. LED indications given when the device is triggered. Sounders are mains powered with standby batteries. Mains sounders allow low cost slave sounders to be wired in a parallel loop as well as providing switching facilities for door holders etc. the main control panel is fully addressable giving zone, type, event and address indication for fire and fault conditions. A complete system check is carried out every four hours whereby all devices including sounder communicate with the main panel verifying status and integrity. Fire condition is signalled instantaneously to the panel and is repeated at five second intervals. Usual panel facilities include reset, evacuate, silence, scroll and test. Designed to meet BS5839: parts 1-4 and CE regulations. 


Up to 99 Zones and 99 Addresses

Device integrity monitoring

Low battery indication

Hermetically sealed polycarbonate door

Compatible with most 24 volt detectors

Mains powered sounders with battery backup and optional slave sounders for cost effectiveness

Strobe sounder versions available

Remote switching for doors etc

Repeater units for large sites

Large LED display

Fully self monitoring for system integrity and reliability

99 recent event memory




Total amount of devices up to 256    Zones up to 99    Addresses up to 99  


System operating voltage 24 volts DC        Standby current   less than 80mA

Standby on main failure 72 hours (main PSU) 8 hours (internal PCB Battery)


Inputs 24 volts DC, 0 volts DC, mains fault indicator.

Outputs 24 volts DC 1 amp max, Fault sounder, 3 Aux fire relays, 1 Aux fault relay. Relay type Change over contact 1Amp rated


Fire indicators 6mm red FIRE indicator, 25mm red LED for zone indication accompanied by 13mm red LED address, type and event indication

Fault indicators 6mm amber FAULT indicator, 13mm red LED address, type and event accompanied by 25mm LED zone indicator

Mains PSU failure 3mm POWER indicator changes from green to red



Frequency                     173.225MHz

DTI Specification          MPT 1344

Deviation                       typ 2.5KHz

Output power                10mW


DIMENSIONS              H 325mm L 400mm W 170mm